New Fortnite Patch 4.4 Launches Soon [Update]

Here's what to expect from the new patch, as well as details on server downtime.


Another week means another Fortnite update is on the way. Developer Epic Games has confirmed the latest patch, version 4.4, is slated for release quite soon. And while we don't have patch notes just yet, we do know what looks to be one of its headlining features. [Update: Patch 4.4 is now available and does indeed introduce the Stink Bomb item; Week 8 challenges are also live.]

In a post on Twitter, Epic confirmed that server downtime will begin for Fortnite at 1 AM PT / 4 AM ET / 9 AM BST / 6 PM AET on Tuesday, June 19. An exact schedule for servers to return hasn't been announced, but whenever they are back online, update 4.4 will be available for download. This is described in-game as a "content update," so you can expect it to do more than just fix bugs.

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Fortnite: Battle Royale's in-game New Updates screen teases an item called the Stink Bomb that's coming soon. It looks to be a new type of grenade that "explodes into a cloud on impact and slowly damage anyone inside." Just how lethal it will be is unclear, but given Epic's usual time table for adding items listed in the New Updates area, you can expect to begin playing with this on Tuesday.

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One other element of the patch could be a fix for shopping carts, which have had to be disabled more than once recently due to a bug. These were added to the game not long ago and serve as Fortnite's first vehicle. They can be operated on your own, but the most fun use for them sees one player push while another rides inside, where they can fire their weapon.

As noted in the New Updates image above, Sniper Shootout v3, one of the current limited-time modes in Battle Royale, ends soon. That could mean that patch 4.4 will roll out another mode to mix up the usual set of playlists. 50v50 v3 is also currently available.

Update 4.4 is the game's first since the launch of Battle Royale on Nintendo Switch. That came shortly after it was confirmed during Nintendo's E3 press conference broadcast, though it had been leaked and rumored for quite some time.

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