New Fortnite John Wick Skin And Event Leak In Season 9 Update

John Wick is seemingly on his way to Fortnite.


Season 9 of Fortnite: Battle Royale has begun, bringing new skins, a new battle pass, a new v9.0 update, and more. There's a ton of new content to dig into right now, like checking out the new map areas Neo Tilted and Mega Mall, but it also gives dataminers a lot to work with. And they've been at it already: It seems there's a John Wick event coming to Epic's battle royale game.

According to Twitter user and Fortnite dataminer FortTory, a set of John Wick challenges are on the way to Fortnite very soon. It appears they'll task players with collecting coins, dealing damage with the new combat shotgun, and winning a match of a seemingly new limited-time mode named Wick's Bounty. The challenges also make reference to a new gun named the tactical assault rifle. There's no word on when the LTM or any of this will go live, but it's likely it will be fairly soon.

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Beyond this, there's actual concrete in-game evidence of this, as John Wick's house, seen in the first two movies, can now be found on the map. You can get a look at it above.

Another Fortnite leaker, Lucas7yoshi, has uncovered a new John Wick cosmetic set that seems to have the codename "assassin suit." Fortnite received a series of John Wick-style cosmetics named the hired gun set all the way back in Season 3, over a year ago. With John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum coming to theaters on May 17, now would be a perfect time for an official crossover event to occur.

Avengers: Endgame--and Infinity War before it--received similar treatment just recently, with a new Fortnite event based on the Avengers franchise and an entire set of Avengers challenges. John Wick fans have plenty more to look forward to, meanwhile: Thomas Was Alone and Volume developer Mike Bithell is working on John Wick Hex, a new action-strategy game based on the films.

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