New Fortnite Chapter 2 Patch Makes Leveling Up Much Easier

Certain tasks now give out much more XP following Fortnite's latest update.


Chapter 2 of Fortnite officially kicked off last week, and it brought a wealth of changes to the popular battle royale game, including how players can level up their Battle Pass. While developer Epic claimed these changes made leveling up easier this season, many players found the opposite to be true, although it appears those issues have now been rectified.

Fortnite's v11.01 update is now live, and while Epic has once again elected not to release patch notes, players on Reddit have discovered that the amount of XP you can earn for completing certain tasks has been greatly increased. Previously, you would be able to earn 24,000 XP from Fortnite's daily punch cards, but that number has now been upped to 96,000 following the update, while weekly challenges give out 520,000 XP instead of 140,000.

Not only does this mean leveling up the Chapter 2 Battle Pass should be much easier moving forward, it gives players a much greater chance to hit tier 100 before the season ends. That's good news all around, as Chapter 2, Season 1 is scheduled to end on December 12 according to Epic's website, which would make it a little shorter than a typical season.

This time, in addition to completing challenges, you can earn XP and medals for doing certain actions while you play, like eliminating opponents, harvesting materials, and more. You can even earn an achievement for being eliminated by the Mythic Goldfish--an exceedingly rare one-hit-kill item that you can fish up.

With Halloween just around the corner, Epic has brought the popular Skull Trooper and Skull Ranger skins back to Fortnite's in-game shop for a limited time. Meanwhile, the next set of Chapter 2 challenges is scheduled to drop on October 24. If you need help completing any of the missions available so far, be sure to check out our full Fortnite Chapter 2 challenges roundup.

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