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New Fortnite Balance Update Affects Most Seasonal Weapons

Including new arrow speeds, more crafting parts found in floor loot, and other adjustments.


Epic has released the patch notes for today's balance update in Fortnite, which have altered most of the new weapons and crafting items that were introduced with Fortnite Season 6. No matter our favorite weapon, it's likely you'll notice these changes beginning the next time you load into the game as the changes are so widespread.

For starters, crafting parts are now doubled in quantity when found as floor loot--or loot outside of chests. At the start of Season 6, items like Mechanical Parts and Animal Bones weren't even available as floor loot, but just a few weeks later, they've been made much more abundant. The accuracy of the Makeshift AR and Revolver have each been improved as well. This season, many weapons are a liability in that regard, since Primal weapons trade accuracy for power and Makeshift weapons are lacking in both ways, so it's interesting to see Epic improve the accuracy for this pair.

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The signature weapon of this survival-themed season, the bow, has also been buffed with improved arrow speed and increased headshot damage. Make sure to get used to these changes before you dive into this week's themed Duos Cup, starring Aloy and Lara Croft, two of gaming's famed arrowslingers.

The Primal Pistol has also been buffed with improvements to damage and fire rate, so it's not just Makeshift weapons getting a boost. It seems Fortnite is going to offer a deadlier island overall. Even stats for all SMGs have been tweaked, revealed Epic, with improvements to firing rate and reload time.

Lastly, the drop rates for both Primal and Classic weapons have been increased to bring them closer in line with Makeshift weapon drops, which should help players chasing any more quests that demand they use a particular type of weapon.

For an overview, here's everything Epic has re-tuned today:

  • Doubled Crafting Parts in floor loot stacks
  • Makeshift AR & Revolver accuracy
  • Bow headshot dmg and arrow speed
  • Recycler junk bomb speed
  • Primal Pistol dmg and fire rate
  • Fire rate and reload time for SMGs
  • Classic and Primal weapon drop rates

These changes are all live now, coming on the heels of the Fortnite version 16.20 patch notes. if you're looking to spend your V-Bucks, you can also find the new Brie Larson Locker Bundle, featuring the Captain Marvel actor's favorite items.

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