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New For Honor In-Game Event Features The Prince Of Persia

The Blades of Persia is For Honor's new limited-time event that's split in two chapters.


Ubisoft's third-person historical melee combat game, For Honor, will kick off a limited-time event (LTE) based on the Prince of Persia franchise. The event will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and runs until April 2.

The Blades of Persia is a new LTE for For Honor that introduces several Prince of Persia-themed goodies, including a new map, skins, game modes, and more. It's split into two chapters, with the first kicking off today and the second taking place on March 19. You can even encounter the Prince himself--but be warned, as he's not friendly and will battle anyone who comes in contact with him.

The event brings a new game mode: Ruler of Time. It's the classic Dominion mode but with a twist: a tornado circles the map that houses the Prince himself. Ruler of Time takes place on the Harbor map that saw a sandstorm rip through the landscape, giving it a more Arabian Nights kind of feel.

As noted, you can battle the Prince when he appears on the map. He's quite powerful, has several abilities at his disposal--such as the ability to rewind time after taking lethal damage and teleporting to punch a random enemy on the field--and is not nice at all. Should you or someone on your team take him out, you will be granted 150 points toward your team's overall score.

Of course, the Blades of Persia LTE comes jam-packed with several other customizations and additions, such as cosmetics, new minions based on Prince of Persia, a variety of themed weapons, extra executions, "revamped in-game menus with new visuals and music from the Prince of Persia universe," and more.

For Honor's Year 4 started on February 6, and it introduced a bunch of new changes to the game. This includes the new Battle Pass that replaces the Year Pass, additional heroes and factions, and more.

Fans have been clamoring for a new Prince of Persia since the game's last mainline console entry, 2010's Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. There have been some Prince of Persia games since then, but the titles--Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame and Prince of Persia: Escape--were released on mobile devices. The latest Prince of Persia game, The Dagger of Time, is a real-world VR escape room.

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