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New Fish And Bugs To Catch In Animal Crossing: New Horizons (May 2020)

Here are all the new May fish and bugs you can now catch in Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Animal Crossing: New Horizons has 160 creatures to catch on land, sea, and air, but they're not all available at the same time. The availability of your island's bugs and fish will come and go with the seasons. It's May and that means new seasonal catches to donate to your museum, fill out your Critterpedia, and pad out your wallet with some extra bells. May also marks your last chance to catch fish and bugs that are going out of season in June. Seasonal fish and bugs are different depending on which hemisphere your island is in too, so we've listed both Northern and Southern Hemisphere arrivals below.

For a more comprehensive list of Animal Crossing's critters, we have a full list of all 80 fish to catch, including what shadow sizes to look out for, and a list of the 80 bugs to catch, with tips on finding some of the rare ones.

May Fish And Bugs In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Here are all the new fish and bugs you can catch in Animal Crossing: New Horizons in May. We've sorted by bells so you know what to focus on, but if you're a completionist, it's important to catch them all!

Northern Hemisphere

New May FishPriceLocation / SizeTime
Mahi-Mahi6000Pier / 5All day
Giant Trevally4500Pier / 5All day
Angelfish3000River / 24 PM - 9 AM
Betta2500River / 29 AM - 4 PM
Nibble Fish1500River / 19 AM - 4 PM
Catfish800Pond / 44 PM - 9 AM
Rainbowfish800River / 19 AM - 4 PM
Frog120Pond / 2All day

May brings a couple brand-new arrivals to the Animal Crossing series, including the betta, mahi-mahi, and rainbowfish.

New May BugsPriceLocationTime
Scorpion8000Ground7 PM - 4 AM
Banded Dragonflly4500Flying8 AM - 5 PM
Queen Alexandra's Birdwing4000Flying near flowers8 AM - 4 PM
Great Purple Emperor3000Flying near flowers4 AM - 7 PM
Rosalia Batesi Beetle3000Tree stumpsAll day
Diving Beetle800River/pond (surface)8 AM - 7 PM
Violin Beetle450Tree stumpsAll day
Pondskater130River/pond (surface)8 AM - 7 PM

The rosalia batesi beetle makes its Animal Crossing series debut in New Horizons. You can find this bright blue black-spotted beetle on tree stumps.

Southern Hemisphere

New May FishPriceLocation / SizeTime
Blue Marlin10000Pier / 6All day
Tuna7000Pier / 6All day
Blowfish5000Sea / 39 PM - 4 AM
Football Fish2500Sea / 44 PM - 9 AM
Bitterling900River / 1All day
New May BugsPriceLocationTime
Tarantula8000Ground7 PM - 4 AM
Damselfly500FlyingAll day
Mole Cricket500UndergroundAll day

The damselfly makes its series debut in New Horizons. It's the only dragonfly available this time of year for Southern Hemisphere islands.

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