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New Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Footage Teases Iconic Character Death

The footage also gave us a first look at the game's final party member, Cid Highwind, and plenty to speculate about for the coming months.


With less than three months until Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth hits shelves, it seems only natural that Square Enix brought a new look at the upcoming game to this year's The Game Awards. The studio showed off some of this new footage during the show with a dramatic musical segment revealing the game's new theme song. Square Enix then released a full-length trailer on YouTube.

The trailer teases several key moments from the original game--including one beloved character's untimely fate (if you know, you know). It also foreshadows a very messy situation Cloud must soon confront, as he tells Tifa: "Sometimes I don't even know who I am. I forget things everyone else remembers just fine, and know things I've got no right knowing."

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Interestingly enough, the trailer also heavily features Zack Fair, the protagonist of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and an older brother figure of sorts to Cloud. We see Zack's legendary (and theoretically tragic) face-off against the Shinra military, followed by him talking to Biggs in (presumably) a universe where every Avalanche member apart from him has been killed. However, there is plenty of room to speculate that's not quite what's going on--but we'll save it for another time. We then see Zack standing beside a comatose Cloud, speaking to Marlene. Marlene tells Zack that once Cloud wakes up, a scary man will kill her, with "her" presumably meaning everyone's favorite flower girl, Aerith.

The trailer also offers fans a first look at the game's final party member, Cid Highwind, a glimpse Cait Sith's combat, a closer look at Vincent Valentine, and plenty of clips from pivotal scenes, such as Barret and Dyne's dramatic meeting. It then closes with a first look at the upcoming theme song for Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, which appears to make its grand entrance during the Golden Saucer's Dragon King play.

Of course Final, Fantasy VII: Rebirth's new trailer wasn't the only big reveal at The Game Awards. We've rounded up a list of the night's biggest announcements, as well as every The Game Awards winner.

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