New FFXI update to introduce Chocobo-raising

Next update to Xbox 360, PS2, and PC MMORPG will let players raise their own Ostrich-like mounts.


Japanese publisher Square Enix has announced a new feature in the next update to its massively multiplayer online role-playing game Final Fantasy XI. "The development team has finally addressed everyone's requests for a system to raise their own personal Chocobos," the company announced, referring to the Ostrich-like creatures players can use as mounts in the game.

Chocobo fever!
Chocobo fever!
Players will have to spend one to three months raising their Chocobos from an egg, each of which will be genetically unique. If not cared for properly, Hatchlings can die. Once players' Chocobos are grown, they can be mated with other players' Chocobos.

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Finally!! and you can mate 'em? do i hear a discovery channel special?

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but when is i what i wanna know WHEN ??? also how much ?

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I WOULD play FF XI, but I'm too busy with World of Warcraft, and with the Noxxramus event starting soon, and the expansion pack most likely less than a year away, there's no time for another MMORPG. :( Though I still think it would be neat to try out FF XI... hopefully someday... :D

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What the .... Final Fantasy Tamagoooochis? Cannot imagine someone actually starting a chocobo rearing service online ... but that could work!

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Final Fantasy games were great, but man did FF11 Suck for time consumage, there was no need for it to be so long winded and now they implement a chocobo system where you have to look after your chocobo or it'll die resulting in players going online every few hours just to check if their tamagotchi had bitten the dust.......

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yeeesh, tons of cash for someone else.

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Yea finally, can't wait to tell my ls friends!!!!

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can not wait for that update. I loved raise chocobos in FFVII.

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That's cool for me, new stuff to the FFXI is always welcome.

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Jeez...about time..

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That is awsome, anyone know when the update is coming? I can't wait to charge stud fees for my choco!!

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i read wrong i guess it's only a about 5 to 10 mins every day

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i says on theplay online web site that players only need to care for them 2 ta 3 hour a day so even players with little time can care for a chocobo

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"Who the hell has that kind of time for a mmorpg? " DJSANDMAN Everyone who plays FFXI dude, because if they didn't have that much time then no one would be playing the game.

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too bad you have to pay...not a big fan of online paying games..=/

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You'll only need to spend 5 minutes with it a day to raise it. I'll be checking mine before I head into work every morning, like I do with my Gardening. Looking through the DAT files, there are Red, Green and Black Chocobo textures - wonder what these will be able to do?

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do you actually get to ride your raised chocobo? can other people see the unique characteristics of your chocobo while your riding it?

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Once players' Chocobos are grown, they can be mated with other players' Chocobos. Brings new meaning to the phrase "Pimp My Ride." Seriously though I can see RLMT making a ton of cash from this.

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Good news.

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Sounds interesting but the fact that they STILL haven't added "mounts" to use anywhere when possible like WoW still is quite bothersome....its not like characters have a good way to increase their run speed for extended periods of time.

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Wow thats cool!

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wohooo finally.

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Oh hell yes!!

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i like this

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I just started with the 360 version. I have the full game, three expansion packs to go through, gil to raise...when am I going to find time for this???? Well, good news for people who have been on for a while or love themselves a good chocobo time...

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lol thats just crazy, well atleast u wont need to rent a dam choco every time u want to ride one.

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Just get that damn house moggle to do some work once-in-a-while. Would be cool if they did the different coloured chocobos like in FFVII so you could create some that can travel anywhere on a map...

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"Players will have to spend one to three months raising their Chocobos from an egg, each of which will be genetically unique. Hatchlings will require supervision 24 hours a day, and can die if not fed and cared for properly." Who the hell has that kind of time for a mmorpg?

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I thought over the popularity with doing it in FF7, this would've been thought of long ago.................

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Now if you could inbreed them and create Dark Chocobos of Terror, then I would buy this for my 360.

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Only now is Chocobo raising being implemented?

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and i was first even more YAY

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crazy huge chickens! w00t!

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