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New Fallout Xbox Controllers Unveiled

You can design them around four different themes, like vault dweller and mutants.


Microsoft is bringing special new Fallout controllers out of the vault for Xbox Design Lab. Available to build today, the $85 pad features a unique collage of Vault Boy icons--including Easter eggs--as well as franchise-specific colors.

You can start creating your Fallout controller with four different themes on the Xbox Design Lab website. The options are: vault dweller, Brotherhood, Pip-Boy, and mutant. While the cover is the same, the buttons, triggers, and D-pad sport colors to match their themes. For instance, the mutant option offers green thumbsticks, while the Brotherhood has a red D-pad.

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In addition, Microsoft adds that upgrades are possible on the new Fallout controllers, too. Along with a personal engraving, you can enhance the pads with rubberized grips as well as metallic triggers and D-pads.

Last month, Bethesda unveiled the Fallout Special Anthology Edition, a new PC bundle containing seven games from the franchise as well as cool collectibles. The collection is planned to arrive April 11. That just so happens to be one day before the premiere of the Fallout TV series on Amazon Prime Video.

At the beginning of this month, executive producer Jonathan Nolan compared making Fallout to making Batman with his brother Christopher Nolan on the Dark Knight trilogy. "Fallout, in my career, is closest to the work we did in adapting Batman, where there's so much storytelling in the Batman universe that there is no canonical version of it, so you're free to invent your own," Jonathan Nolan said.

The Fallout TV series will focus on Vault 33, which is located in the Los Angeles area. For more, check out everything we know about the Fallout show.

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