New Extermination Details

Sony releases new information on Extermination, which is the brainchild of developers whose roots are in the Resident Evil series.


SCEI has released further information on its PlayStation 2 game Extermination. The game's story beings on December 5, 2005, when a state of emergency is declared at a US military base in the South Pole. The US government sends out a reconnaissance team called Red Light to the facility, but before the team reaches the area, its transport mysteriously explodes, killing most of the team members. The two that survive, Dennis Riley and Roger Grigman, make it to the facility and sneak in through the ventilation system. The game beings at this point.

According to the game's developers, the gameplay in Extermination focuses on relentless action. Although the game features shock elements similar to those in games like Resident Evil, its action is fast-paced, presenting the player with a barrage of enemy characters at any one time. The game's action elements are further enhanced by the so-called regional action system, which allows single-button and analog-movement combinations to produce several different attacks based on the situation.

Extermination will be released on March 8 in Japan. No US release date has been announced at this time.

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