New Euro VC titles pack a punch

Three more titles are released for European Wii owners to download, including "comical boxing game" Punch Out!


The Euro Virtual Console catalogue is expanding again this week with the announcement of three new titles out today. The first, Punch Out!, was originally released in arcades in 1984 and has the player assuming the role of a rookie boxer trying to make it to the top. On the way up, the boxer has to fight in numerous matches to vie for the ultimate prize--the title of world champion.

Next up is the SNES action adventure game Legend of the Mystical Ninja, which was originally released in 1992. Two characters, Kid Ying and Dr. Yang, are tasked with the unusual mission of having to rescue a princess. The game can also be played in two-player mode where the two characters can "piggyback" each other in cooperative battles.

The final title up for grabs this week is 1990's TurboGrafx platformer Dragon's Curse. In the game, a warrior has had an unfortunate run-in with a dragon and, as a result, has been turned into a Lizard Man. The object of the game is to retrieve an item called "the salamander cross," which will allow him to return to human form.

Punch Out! will cost 500 Wii points (approx £3.50), Legend of the Mystical Ninja will cost 800 Wii points (£5.60), and Dragon's Curse will cost 600 Wii points (£4.20).

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