New ESPN College Hoops details dunked

New legacy mode features coach progression, scholarship distribution, and year-round recruiting.


ESPN College Hoops 2K5

ESPN Videogames today disclosed information regarding ESPN College Hoops 2K5. The latest incarnation of the college basketball series will feature a new legacy mode, which replaces the previously included franchise mode.

In legacy mode, players will assume the role of head coach as he tries to push his school's program through recruiting players, balancing the program's budget, and acquiring prestige. Starting from a small college basketball program, gamers attempt to improve the school's record and renown and eventually entertain offers at larger schools.

The recruiting game can take many forms--visiting a player's house, watching a high school basketball game, and even offering scholarships--and the coach will have to take proximity to hometown, college stature, and available playing time into account when pursuing a "blue chip." The coach's successes and failures will all be documented by in-game news reports that include highlights from games.

ESPN College Hoops 2K5 is rated "E" for Everyone, will sell for $19.99, and is slated for a November 22 release on Xbox and PlayStation 2. Check out our previous coverage for more information.

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