New Elite-Style PS4 Controller Is Now Available

Elite features, elite price tag.

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Microsoft makes the Xbox One Elite controller itself, but Sony has always relied on third-party hardware makers to fill in the gap in its PlayStation 4 controller product line. With the Scuf Vantage controller, a new entry in the category has just arrived. It's available now, and you can order one here. Just be warned: it's not cheap.

The default version costs $170. The front of the controller is gray with black accents, plus yellow rings around the analog sticks. But just like another Microsoft offering, you can customize the colors of nearly every part of the controller, from the faceplate and buttons to the D-pad and analog sticks. Custom-designed Scuf Vantage controllers cost an additional $30, and adding a wireless option costs an additional $30.

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Why pay that much for a PS4 controller? Because it has a number of features you won't find in a standard DualShock 4 controller. These features are designed to make you a better player, particularly if you enjoy competitive games online. It has anti-friction rings that automatically lubricate the thumbsticks to create a smoother glide. The thumbsticks themselves come in two height options and your choice of domed or concave thumb pads.

Like the Xbox One Elite controller, you can swap out the D-pad with a control disc that's designed to offer easier access to diagonal directions. Finally, you can outfit the rear of the controller with paddle-like triggers that feature adjustable trigger tension. They also come with with optional covers to let you choose exactly how much travel the triggers should have before the button press registers.

The Scuf Vantage is definitely not for everyone. But if you have deep enough pockets and want to gain an edge in the games you play, it might be worth a shot.

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Avatar image for jenovaschilld

$170 is high but if the build quality is guaranteed I'll buy it. My only and biggest complaint with the PS4 controller is the thumbstick move/look -which is not intuitively designed for people. It is like rubbing your tummy while patting your head, and having the move/look thumbs on a different plane have been a standard of pc gaming controllers since the 90's. Even though the ps1 dual shock was part of my hand for several years, i prefer a good gaming pc controller or xbox one now after years of gaming with both.

Avatar image for jbreez00

If this thing wasn't damn near 200 dollars I might have gotten it. I don't really think I need that "scuf" advantage enough that I'm going to buy a controller that's almost as expensive as the console it works for just to get the analogs placed in my preferred positions and it's ugly on top of that, at least the Xbox elite still has the same look.

Avatar image for angrycreep

@jbreez00: Didn't you read the article? If you want everything then is more than just 170. Custom-designed Scuf Vantage controllers cost an additional $30, and adding a wireless option costs an additional $30 if you want them too. so if you want everything is $230 plus tax

Avatar image for jbreez00

@angrycreep: I skimmed that part honestly, let me reiterate though. Any extra cost this controller has is not worth it to me JUST to get the analog sticks in my preferred positions, if this was the same price as a regular Ds4 I may have gotten it. The fact that it's damn near 200 without the basic functionality of a Ds4 is dumb as hell.

Avatar image for doomsdayhell01

@jbreez00: I second that because that is ridicules i can buy a home console with that amount of money and they want me to buy a controller. I'm fine with my regular PS4 controller i don't need a $170 or 230 bucks controller

Avatar image for squishytia

My problem with this is that it's basically the XBox Elite controller v2. If I really wanted an XBox controller, I'd get the Elite and call it a day. I don't. I like and need my dual shock layout because I have tiny hands that become rather cramped and painful holding an XBox controller.

Sadly even the Razer Raiju is not for me despite having the proper layout because it's just too bloody bulky. Why doesn't anyone making these "elite" controllers realize that the bulk is putting a lot of people out of their market? A "one size fits all" approach is destined for failure.

Avatar image for Sevenizz

@squishytia: Unless you’re talking about ‘the Duke’ (which was discontinued shortly after the OG Xbox’s launch), the current controller was designed for smaller hands. Your left thumb isn’t extended whatsoever. It’s straightened in fact to make it more comfortable aka ergonomical.

Avatar image for skippert

@Sevenizz: We are not all the same. Some of us have smaller hands than others. Squishytia is right is saying that the one size fits all approach doesnt work for everyone, but I dont see how they could possible go for multiple sizes without losing more cash on the production of hardware so I dont see it happening anytime soon.

Avatar image for Sevenizz

@skippert: Did you even read what he wrote? He claims the current (I’m assuming) Xbox controller is too large for his hands which is an incorrect misconception because DualShock and Xbox controller are designed for the same hands - the Xbox one is just more ergonomical.

Avatar image for freeryu


"Xbox controller is too large for his hands which is an incorrect misconception"

How do you know how big his hands are?

Avatar image for Sevenizz

@freeryu: I don’t. The updated Xbox controller was developed for the same hands as a ps2 DualShock.

Avatar image for skippert

@Sevenizz: I read his comment very well indeed. I think it is you that do not accept the fact that all people are different and have their preferences. Judging by how much of an Xbox fan you are it looks more like you dont accept people that have any sort of critique on your console of preference. Pay close attention to the word preference and move on with your life.

Avatar image for Cikatriz_ESP

Makes sense to me to have your standard controller come in two styles: classic and asymmetric. I know a few people who stick to Xbox consoles because they hate DualShocks, however the premium price tag on this makes it unlikely that anyone will convert because of it. Having multiple semi-afforadable controllers seems the way to go.

Avatar image for sgthobbes

I call shenanigans for being 3rd party and putting the stick and D-pad in the wrong place. I have heard Scuf makes quality controllers but i prefer the placement of the D-pad and sticks provided to me by the classic DualShock 1-4. make one with the sticks in the right place and a proper shape(one thats shaped like a DualShock) and it will become a consideration.

Avatar image for zoniax2

3rd party? No thanks.

Avatar image for cejay0813

Wait this is $199.... nevermind

Avatar image for mcnichoj

Hori FPS Pro is a great MUCH cheaper alternative if you just want an Xbox shaped controller. Added benefit it works for PS3, 4 and PC.

Avatar image for sgthobbes

@mcnichoj: DS3 and DS4 work on PC but its game specific. For many you may need to a piece of 3rd party software such as steam big picture mode. for instance AC Unity and a few other UBISOFT games actually brought up PS button prompts when using the DS4 without 3rd party software. I have had great success with running games through steam to make PS4 controllers work with games that don't naturally support directInput

Avatar image for mcnichoj

@sgthobbes: Yeah but a DS4 can't be played with all PS3 games. DS3 controller can't be used on a PS4. Then by your own admission you get mixed results for their use on PC where the HFP functions like a stock PC controller with compatibility for a wide range of PC software.

Avatar image for sgthobbes

@mcnichoj: don't think i said anything that would give the impression of mixed results. just saying that some ubisoft games support it and it can bee made to work easily enough (through steam) if you wanted to use it. but hey to each their own

Avatar image for Sevenizz

I like the thumbstick placement. Much better ergonomically - especially for shooters.

Avatar image for Barighm

What about the lasts more than a year or two feature? That's the feature I care about most and haven't seen since the PS2 era.

Avatar image for poseidion

I bought a Scuf last year, I have barely used it, and it already feels awful. First and last time I spent $200+ on this crappy company.

Avatar image for Sam3231

Like the Yellow and Silver, it's tight.