New E3 2017 Event Features Panels Hosted By Sony, Xbox, Bethesda, And Others

They'll all be streamed live, too.

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This year marks the first time that E3 will be open to the public, but that's not the only big change coming to the conference. Journalist and Video Game Awards host Geoff Keighley on Medium announced E3 Coliseum, a two-day series of panels and talks from video game companies.

Taking place on June 13 and June 14 at the Novo at LA Live, E3 Coliseum will feature panels hosted by publishers, developers, and "special guests from the broader entertainment world."

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"The E3 Coliseum will only make E3 more exciting to fans," Keighley explains, "as it create an opportunity to see the world’s top game creators and special guests live on stage."

Although the full speaker list has yet to be announced, Keighley confirmed that Activision, Bethesda, Gearbox, Ubisoft, Warner Bros., Square Enix, Sony, and Microsoft will all host panels. This is the first time that E3 will have live panels held during the conference.

Keighley also hinted that there will be "other surprises" in addition to the panels and talks.

If you cannot attend E3 in person, you can still watch at home. E3 Coliseum will be streamed live worldwide.

E3 2017 is coming up fast, and companies have been announcing the dates and times of their press conferences. You can check out the schedule as it currently stands here. Keep an eye on GameSpot for more news about E3 in the coming weeks. If you want to attend E3 in person, you can buy a ticket here.

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I'm hoping the event will be exciting this year. It should be

Avatar image for e3man01

@computernoises: Uh, no, you're wrong! Sorry but I've been going since its inception in '95. Until 2017, it's NEVER been open to the public. There were easier ways to get in but it was always tied to industry affliction. In '14, the ESA, started giving exhibitors tickets away to do with as they pleased. That's when MS started their FanFest.

Avatar image for e3man01

@computernoises: Kind of. Still had to show "proof". Although it wasn't nearly as thorough as it is today. The change really happened because of the 05/06 shows.

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There's no May4th article, so this will suffice:

4444 credits and 2XP in SWBF right now!

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Sounds interesting. It’s nice any time when fans can get more out of these kinds of events especially considering these services are put on for free (the streams.).

Geoff seems like a good guy too. Does anyone know how he got into the videogame media side of things? All I knew him from was Gametrailers (are they still around?) then he parlayed that into the Video Game Awards. He seems genuinely interested and intrigued by videogames and the people behind the scenes so I’m glad to see him putting on/hosting events such as these.

All I know is that next month is going to be crazy. Can't wait!


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@videogameninja: To answer your question about Gametrailers, they got acquired by Defy Media in 2014 and got shut down in Feb 2016. But not long after, they regrouped and made a patreon, and now they're known as Easy Allies. They're pretty good, I like their podcasts.

Avatar image for videogameninja

@Tiwill44: Nice.

Will have to check them out. I actually quite enjoyed that old program on Gametrailers they used to have (think it was called "The Bonus Round."). Was always interesting to hear some of their insights (and Michael Pachter's polarizing predictions.).