New Dynasty Warriors 9 Images Reveal Story, Character Details

Koei Tecmo shares how the story will unfold in the open-world setting.


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Koei Tecmo has revealed a new character and shared more details about how the story unfolds in Dynasty Warriors 9, the next major instalment in the series for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. While the game will take place in an open world (a first for the series), the story will be broken down into several chapters that revolve around a series of situations and battles based on real historical events in ancient China.

"The story of the Three Kingdoms will be presented over ten riveting chapters, each reflecting changes in the balance of power in the world and in the available actions to the player. Each Chapter takes the player a step deeper into the impressive military and political machinations of the era, beginning with the Yellow Turban Rebellion through the ultimate unification of China," said developer Koei Tecmo.

Players will experience the events through their chosen character's eyes and deal with their personal struggles and progression. You can see some of the game's dynamics and characters in these just-released screenshots below, including a preview of brand-new character Xun You.

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Dynasty Warriors 9 still features the series' traditional hack-and-slash style combat and includes all 83 of the characters from Dynasty Warriors 8, but with new gameplay and combat mechanics in addition to the open-world map. You can read all about those new mechanics and get a look at the gameplay in action here.

There's still no release date for Dynasty Warriors 9, but we do know it will come out in Japan first and will be preceded by other spinoff games in the series. Warriors All-Stars is due out August 29 on PS4 and PC, and Fire Emblem Warriors is coming to Nintendo Switch this fall.

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