New DS looks like Mew

A limited edition DS featuring Pokemon's genetically engineered Mew will be released in Japan this summer.

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TOKYO--Nintendo has announced that it will release a limited edition "Mew"-colored version of its DS handheld game system in commemoration of a new Pokemon film that will be playing in Japanese theaters this summer. As the name suggests, this DS will be based on the light-pink color of the Mew character from the Pokemon pantheon. The handheld also comes with two imprints of Mew's silhouette, one on the top cover and another to the left of the upper screen.

The Mew DS will be available through Pokemon's official Web site and in Pokemon Centers throughout Japan. Reservations can be made starting June 23, and the new DS will be released on July 8. The Mew DS will be priced the same as the normal model at 15,000 yen ($139).

The new Pokemon motion picture Pocket Monster Advance Generation: Mew to hadou no Yuushia Lucario, will begin playing in theaters throughout Japan on July 16. The title roughly translates to "Mew and the Wave Warrior Lucario."

Nintendo previously released a yellow Pikachu-themed Game Boy Advance in Japan. There are currently no plans to release the Mew DS in America.

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