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New Dreamcast WWF Attitude Screens

We bring you a few new shots of the Dreamcast version of WWF Attitude, set to hit shelves a month from now.


We've gotten our hands on two new shots of the Dreamcast version of WWF Attitude in action. The game is still in its approval phase (which means it's essentially complete), and with any luck it will release by early November. Acclaim's contract with the WWF expires on November 15, so the title will need to be on shelves before that date.

What can Dreamcast owners can look forward to in the latest (and last) version of Attitude? There are new voice and music samples, cleaner graphics, better frame rates, and new photos of the featured wrestlers on the character select screens. Essentially, most everything has been improved over the PlayStation and Nintendo 64 versions of the game. However, since we haven't had much time to sit down and play the game, we can't tell you whether it features any new control or playability enhancements.

Developed by Acclaim's Salt Lake Studios, WWF Attitude on the Dreamcast will likely land on store shelves within a month's time. Stay tuned to for lots more coverage of the game.

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