New Drake Album Has A Final Fantasy Reference

Make. Drizzy. A. Summon.


Note: This story links to various hip-hop tracks which contain explicit language and sexual references.

Aubrey Graham, better known as hip-hop artist Drake, has been inching his way deeper into the video game world of late. The multi-platinum musician played Fortnite with streamer Ninja back in March and helped set a new record for concurrent viewers on Twitch. Now he's dipping a toe back into gaming by referencing one of the most beloved RPG franchises of all time.

24 tracks deep into his latest album, Scorpion, is Final Fantasy, a track on which he describes his fantasies to a partner. The song samples Final Fantasy's iconic Prelude theme, though the sequential piano notes from the original have been chopped and rearranged. The sample is unmistakable, nevertheless.

So is he fan? Who knows. And honestly who cares. It's just cool to hear music from video games used in a record that millions of people will be exposed to. Hip-hop has a history of looking to video games for samples, some of my favourites include Eminem's 'Hellbound,' which uses 'Sacrifice' from SoulCalibur, Childish Gambino's 'Eat Your Vegetables,' which pulls from Donkey Kong Country's 'Aquatic Ambiance,' and Vakill's 'Heavy,' which draws from 'Memories of Green' from Chrono Trigger.

Of course, all of this will no doubt be overshadowed by the confirmation that Drake has a child, something which became a big topic of discussion during his recent beef with Pusha T. The two recently had a high-profile war of words over beats, with Pusha revealing the existence of Drake's child on 'The Story of Adidon.' Drake addresses this drama on 'Emotionless,' saying, "I wasn't hidin' my kid from the world, I was hidin' the world from my kid.'

How has this child managed to avoid being seen for so long? Probably been stuck inside playing loads of Fortnite and Final Fantasy.

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