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New Dracula Movie In The Works After Success Of The Invisible Man

Jennifer's Body director Karyn Kusama will helm a new version of the classic horror story.


The recent horror version of The Invisible Man is a box office hit, making more than $102 million at the worldwide box office so far, from an estimated production budget of just $7 million. This will come as a huge relief to Universal, after the studio tried and failed in 2017 to launch Dark Universe, a series of films based on its classic monster movie properties. There are already several other movies in development, and the latest to be reported is a new version of Dracula.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new Dracula movie is being developed by Invisible Man producers Blumhouse Pictures and will be directed by Karyn Kusama. Kusama's previous work in the genre includes the 2009 cult favorite Jennifer's Body and 2015's acclaimed horror thriller The Invitation. Kusama's regular collaborators Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi will write the script.

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THR notes that since Dracula is a public domain character, Blumhosue could technically take the project elsewhere. However, the company has a first-look deal with Universal, which has distributed the majority of Blumhouse's movies, so it seems very likely it will end up there. Obviously, it's early days for the project and no further details are known, but The Invisible Man's success has shown that the Dark Universe debacle was not the end for potential new versions of these classic horror stories.

In terms of the other monster movie projects in the works, last month it was reported that a remake of Bride of Frankenstein might still happen. This was originally set to be the second film in the Dark Universe, but it was postponed after the failure of The Mummy. Other films currently in development include The Invisible Woman, to be directed by Elizabeth Banks, and Dark Army, which has Bridesmaids director Paul Feig attached. For more check out, GameSpot's guide to the biggest upcoming horror movies of 2020.

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