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New Dr. Mario Mobile Game Gets Trailer Showing Off Multiplayer

Send me your love, send me your virus.


A match-three puzzle game, Dr. Mario World was announced back in February 2019. The game sees you using capsules to eliminate viruses like a good doctor, but there's more than meets the eye. We've now learned of the game's multiplayer offerings, which allows you to connect with friends to send hearts or viruses.

Dr. Mario World lets you see your friends' progress in the game's single-player Stage mode. You will also be able to send your friends encouragement hearts, though these can only be sent once per day. Dr. Mario World features solo play, but it will also launch with a Versus mode in which you can challenge your friends in online, real-time matches.

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The crux of Versus is similar to previous Dr. Mario games: You eliminate viruses on your board to fill up an attack meter, which sends viruses in your opponent's direction, causing their board to fill. Whoever's board fills first loses. Each doctor has their own attributes, like attack power (which dictates the number of viruses sent) and skills (which act as special movies like clearing one whole column at random). Check out the trailer below.

Microtransactions will make an appearance in Dr. Mario World in the form of Diamonds purchasable through the in-game shop. They can be bought in an assortment of packs--starting with 20 Diamonds for $2 USD / $3 AUD / £1 GBP running all the way up to 1,050 Diamonds for $70 USD / $100 AUD / £55 GBP--and are used to continue gameplay, obtain items, and restore stamina.

Dr. Mario World releases for Android and iOS on July 10.

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