New DLC Out Now for Xbox One's Ryse: Son of Rome

Morituri Pack available today for $8; plus, Microsoft publishes step-by-step instructions to help you find the game's remaining Easter eggs.

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Racing game Forza Motorsport 5 is not the only high-profile Xbox One game to receive a new expansion today. Microsoft today released the Morituri Pack for Xbox One launch title Ryse: Son of Rome, an $8 expansion (included with the game's DLC pass) that introduces new content like more arenas.

The Morituri Pack features three new arenas for Ryse: Son of Rome's Gladiator mode: Beacon, False Gods, and Revolution. Two new arenas for Survival mode--Sulfur River and The Forbidden Forest--are also included with the expansion. Five additional arenas "optimized" for the game's Solo Mode are packed into the Morituri Pack for Ryse: Son of Rome. These are Market and Garden, as well as the aforesaid Beacon, Revolution, and False Gods maps.

Alongside the release of the Morituri Pack today, Microsoft reminded players that there are a total of nine Easter eggs hidden inside Ryse: Son of Rome--six in the campaign and three in Gladiator mode. So far, players have only discovered five, Microsoft said. To help you find the last four, Microsoft released step-by-step directions (below) explaining how to do so.

If you're successful, you can record your discovery and send a OneDrive link to Xbox Live's Major Nelson at with "Ryse Easter Eggs" in the subject line. On Monday, June 2, Major Nelson will officially announce the locations of the remaining Easter eggs and include your name in the announcement if you were one of the first to find them.

1. In the campaign level “The Wrath of the Nemesis,” there’s a Scorpio in a tower that can be used to shoot many things. Enemies. Pillars. Statues. Firing a few volleys at them will reacquaint you with a familiar face, but not at all like you’re expecting.

2. Hurling a pilum in the water may seem like a waste of lethal weaponry, but if you happen to do it one time too many underneath a certain bridge in the campaign level “Pax Romana,” you will summon a surprise guest.

3. There’s a courthouse with an open roof in the campaign level “Pax Romana” where your pilum can arrange a shocking introduction. Get reckless with them and see what happens.

4. Good things come to those who wait in the campaign level “The Son of Rome.” Once you reach the courtyard, duck behind a curtain and hang out on the steps on the other side for a bit. Keep your eyes on the nearby balcony. Makes you wonder how they got up there, right?

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Avatar image for Keitha313

I wish I never bought an Xbox One :(

It has no games and its just the inferior 'next gen' console in comparison to the PS4...

Do you think Sony will take pity on me and trash my Xbox One and just give me the holy grail that is a PS4???

Lol joke who would be dumb enough to buy a Xbox One hahahaha Ryse?!? LMAO!!

Avatar image for themc_7

I loved the campaign, but never got around to arena mode or anything else like that. I'll be skipping this DLC.

Avatar image for hotwog21

thanks cod kiddies for making dlc and micro transactions the norm.

Not supporting this rubbish, already payed for the game, this should be free.

Avatar image for hotwog21

If my gamertag and avatar can transfer over, why cant my xb live arcade games?

Avatar image for Sl4cka

*insert generic joke about ryse*

Avatar image for Richmaester6907

Shame there isn't any story DLC coming out, but I must admit I do love survival mode.

Avatar image for KSSuperhero

<< LINK REMOVED >> Thats what I was thinking they really should have made some more story dlc.

Avatar image for hitomo

just give a free version of cryengine to all devs in the world and we would enter a new age of lifelike and realistic games ... *dreams on

Avatar image for torbmaximus

It's weird to me how a lot of people don't play this game as it was made to. My goal is, like with many other games, to play it as if I was presenting it at a conference or just making it feel as close to a movie as possible. So instead of just killing everybody, I try to get really nice camera angles and chaining together QTE to make it really very cinematic. But then again, that's just me.

Avatar image for hitomo

<< LINK REMOVED >> its called authism

Avatar image for _Silent_Jay_
<< LINK REMOVED >> It's called learn to spell.
Avatar image for hitomo

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> its called dyslexia

Avatar image for Keitha313

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Its called stop being a cry baby making excuses.

Avatar image for vivvianni

Add more QTE.

Avatar image for Martyr77

<< LINK REMOVED >> That was basically all the game was.

Avatar image for robbiejones

Repetitive enemy design, Same tactics throughout the game, shallow combat system. Yeah the game sucks

Avatar image for hitomo

<< LINK REMOVED >> it was made for americans ... and the love it, just cant admit it ^^

Avatar image for NTM23

Yeah, good game, but I'm done with it for now. I don't think I would get any DLC for it unless it had to do with story, though I don't see that happening. You know what's weird? In the game (now that I'm thinking about it), during battle, whether it's on easy or hard, it never matters what button prompts you press for the executions until the very, very end. I just found that to be awkward. I mean, okay, sure, that could be, but if that's so, they should have at least made it so you get something a little extra if you do happen to hit all those prompts. To me it seems like a decision they took out but never actually took the prompt out. It's pretty minor, but I was thinking about it.

Avatar image for arrow2thekneeXD

Yaaayyyy???........... Oh yeah! Mario kart 8 is out! ... I DON"T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT THIS CRAP! :D ( There..Do I sound like an immature fanboy? ...Cool! .. I did my job for today :D)... No but seriously.. Mario Kart 8...Why is anyone on here?..

Avatar image for OMGUPOS

I recently got this game and just beat it the other day. I really enjoyed it, I thought the story was great, the graphics were stunning and the gameplay was ok It would be nice for a bit more variety, but I thought it was a good game overall.

Avatar image for NTM23


I agree, though I'd say the gameplay was fun and not just 'ok', but yes, it needed more variety, and it'd be nice if the environments were a little more open. The combat for me never got old, but you do tend to see the same moves over and over, so if they expanded the set of moves by at least twice as much, that'd be nice.

I think they could have had more, and/or different things than having to throw spears or get onto turrets, those aspects weren't bad, they were just kind of mundane. I also wouldn't call the story 'great', though it had interesting moments; ones you could react to and feel something over, like the asshole bad guys that were asking to die.

Though they weren't on my first playthrough on easy, when I played the game on legendary (or whatever the hardest is called), I exploited the bosses idiocy and beat them almost without getting touched so it became a joke. The only boss to not really have those flaws were Commodus so he put up the most challenge.

Avatar image for the13stuff

This game doesn't really need DLC. I beat it and sold it fast because it is one of the most monotonous games out there to be pushed this hard. Ryse 2 wouldn't be a bad thing as long as they can clean up that combat, make the world's bigger and with MUCH more freedom.

Avatar image for eternal_napalm

Ryse 2 E3 baybee!

Avatar image for vibroknife

<< LINK REMOVED >> OMG yeah cannot wait!!! :333

Avatar image for deactivated-58270bc086e0d

Oh yeah I forgot Ryse was a thing.

Avatar image for smackdowner360

<< LINK REMOVED >> Sold a million copys so its more than a thing

Avatar image for domisbatman

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Didn't KZ sell 2 million . Those games aren't anything special

Avatar image for xOmniCloudx

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> It's a launch game with major marketing, of course it sold well. How much else was there for people to play and buy? Typical of launch titles. Released in nay prosperous part of the console's life and it would bomb. It's a thing that people already forgot, many never sale as anything special after playing and isn't going to sell much anymore.

Avatar image for ultimate_kiwi

@Dannystaples14 It's actually a good hack'.n slash, in my opinion, but I admit it has nothing really innovative for a day one release.

Avatar image for sakaixx

Hope they tweak the fighting style, it got repetitive quickly since the moves to kill the opponent is basically stab evade stab stab block evade stab stab finishing move

Avatar image for paulallen813

I want to replay this game on legendary. Was actually a pretty cool game. This, dead rising, and fifa definitely justified my launch purchase when it came out.

Avatar image for blackace

Hhhmm.. interesting. I still need to finish this game anyways.

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