New Deus Ex 2 screens

Eidos releases new concept art and development screens from Ion Storm's RPG.


Deus Ex: Invisible War

Several new concept and development images of Deus Ex 2 have been released. Not much information is known about the overall game, but there are some details to go along with the new screenshots. Characters in Deus Ex 2 will be able to express a wider range of emotions than the characters in the first game, and one of these new playable characters will be a woman, as shown in one of the concept images. Another shot shows the military bot from the original Deus Ex, but it's been pointed out that players will be able to run in between its legs in the sequel. Some of the other images reveal environments that Ion Storm plans to include in the game such a small laboratory area and a massive temple belonging to The Order, a religious group in Deus Ex 2.

An official release date for Deus Ex 2 has not been announced. For more on the original Deus Ex, take a look at our previous coverage .

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