New Detective Pikachu Trailer Reveals Lickitung And It's Very Strange

Lickitung has something he'd like to show you.


The Internet was pleasantly surprised at the first trailer for Detective Pikachu, but at the same time the realistic take on the classic creatures was slightly unsettling. The latest spot for the upcoming film has revealed another pokemon done up in its realistic style, and it's equally odd.

The 30 second spot is mostly an abridged summary of the first trailer, filling us in on the major details: unlikely friendship, talking Pikachu, etc. It has a few new gags mixed in, but it's the new pokemon around the halfway mark that really turns heads.

Lickitung, the gen-1 pocket monster with a tongue that's way too large to fit in its weird little lizard head, can be spotted on a bus or train doing what can only be described as "unfurling" with his massive mouth muscle. It comes complete with a wet plopping sound, just to accent the grossness. Behold:

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Just afterwards, we get the barest glimpse of the much cuter tiger-like pokemon Growlithe sitting in the background of a restaurant, and a closer look at a Bulbasaur. And of course, Ryan Reynolds as the title character continues to show his voice-acting chops. Check out the trailer above, just maybe not while eating.

Detective Pikachu hits theaters May 10, 2019.

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