New details: Rise to Honor

Sony releases new information on the upcoming PlayStation 2 game influenced by Jet Li.


Sony has released new details on Rise to Honor, which is in development at its Foster City studio. Rise to Honor is being designed with the help of martial arts action star Jet Li, who helped provide motion capture for the game. Players will take on the role of Kit Yun, a bodyguard of Boss Chiang, a leader of a powerful Chinese gang. When Boss Chiang is assassinated, he tells Kit to deliver a message to his daughter in San Francisco, but naturally, this ends up causing some problems for Kit, as he becomes engaged in a much bigger plot.

Rise to Honor will feature a 360-degree fight system that lets players perform a variety of attacks, counters, blocks, and super moves. In fact, the choreography for the game has been handled by Cory Yuen, who also managed the choreography for Lethal Weapon 4, The One, and Kiss of the Dragon. The game features 10 different environments ranging from Hong Kong to San Francisco.

Rise to Honor is scheduled for release this fall.

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