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New details revealed for Blitz and Hitz Pro

Midway releases new details on upcoming games in its arcade-style football and hockey series of games.


Midway has release new details on both NFL Blitz Pro and NHL Hitz Pro, both of which are in development for the GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox. As mentioned in a previous story, NFL Blitz Pro will feature 11 players on both sides of the field as well as a variety of new plays specifically geared toward the running game. The game will also feature a franchise mode where players can attempt to make a championship team during 10 seasons by trading, drafting, and upgrading players and signing free agents. NFL Blitz Pro will track all of the important stats so that players can get an idea of who is performing well over the course of a season and who isn't. AI has also been improved so that computer opponents can no longer automatically play catch-up. The biggest focus in the latest version of Blitz appears to be its online options that let players engage in head-to-head matches and tournaments, view their online player rankings, and even download real-time weather information into the game.

NHL Hitz Pro will feature similar online options. The game includes five-on-five gameplay as well as all of the rules and penalties from the NHL. Players will be able to use various types of offensive and defensive formations, and they will even be able to switch up lines on the fly. Midway has also made some changes to the control scheme so that players can have more control over the puck by manipulating the secondary analog stick on the GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox controllers. The franchise mode has also been tweaked to let players control just about every aspect of their team. Team rosters are equipped with 23 players, so players have plenty of options to choose from if they see that a member of their team is becoming tired.

Both games are scheduled to ship this fall.

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