New Details On Xbox Series X Mini-Fridge Coming Next Month

Get ready for Xbox and Chill.


Aaron Greenberg, in charge of Xbox games marketing, said that more information about the Xbox Series X mini-fridge will be revealed next month. It is set to release this holiday.

Greenberg promised that if Xbox won Twitter's BestOFTweets Brand Bracket back in April, then Xbox would go ahead and actually make them. Xbox just barely beat out Skittles in the contest by 1%, and thus Greenberg made good on his promise.

The mini-fridge didn't make an appearance during Gamescom 2021 Xbox stream or Gamescom Opening Night Live, so fans were concerned whether it would still make its previously announced holiday launch. However, Greenburg has assuaged fears and says that it is still going to make that date.

When the Xbox Series X was announced, there were plenty of jokes and internet memes about how the console looked like a mini-fridge. Xbox even made a full-size fridge to give to Snoop Dogg and it also appeared as free DLC in Dirt 5 for Game Pass Ultimate members.

Xbox has plenty of other special hardware available this holiday too, including both the limited edition Halo Infinite Elite controller and the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X. Hopefully sometime in the future we can see something creative done with the Xbox Series S as well, which looks like a boombox or even a cooking plate.

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