New Details On Warframe's Next Big Update

Warframe players have a lot to look forward to with Deadlock Protocol, Protea and a new Nightwave season inbound.


Working from home hasn't stopped Digital Extremes, developers of free-to-play shooter Warframe, from working on a bunch of new content. Some big updates are inbound, including the Deadlock Protocol event that had to be delayed from an April release to sometime in May.

New details shared in a developer stream included the updated timeframe, but also gave players a look at the new Warframe Protea, and the story quest that will launch with Deadlock Protocol. Around 35:33 in the video below, the team show off some of the animations and aesthetics that have gone into 2020's first new Warframe.

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Around 1:19:00, you can see a demo of the next Warframe that will be available after Protea: the community-designed Broken Frame.

In more big news, Nightwave Intermission 2 is finally ending, moving into Season 3: Glassmaker, with the team promising that future intermissions won't be "as brutal as the last". According to Warframe director Steve Sinclair, Glassmaker is "not like the usual Nightwave". Glassmaker features an interactive diorama full of "glassed" victims for the player to investigate in order to solve the shared murder mystery.

Glassmaker is set to drop "very soon", while Deadlock Protocol will likely be available later in May.

A popular free-to-play game with a huge playerbase across multiple platforms, Warframe has put some serious work into expanding this year, with a huge update released in March and plans to release the game for upcoming consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Warframe is currently out on PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4.

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