New details on Onimusha 3, Onimusha Buraiden

Capcom holds a press conference in Los Angeles to discuss its two upcoming Onimusha games.


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Capcom recently held a press conference in Los Angeles to give the North American press a look at Onimusha 3 and Onimusha Buraiden. Producer Keiji Inafune was on hand to answer questions and provide a few new details on both games. Inafune started out by saying that Onimusha 3 would be the last game in the series, simply because the series was designed to be a trilogy to begin with. The game's story line will focus on the final confrontation between Akechi Samanosuke (the samurai from the original Onimusha) and Nobunaga.

As previously revealed, the game will feature an additional character named Jacques Blanc (modeled after actor Jean Reno, who is known for his work in such movies as The Professional) who will have to fight off Nobunaga's demons in the city of Paris. Inafune pointed out that the development team, which features most of the people from the original Onimusha team, actually went to Paris and eventually mapped out entire portion of the city for the game. Inafune also added that they can't use Jean Reno's voice for the Japanese or North American versions of Onimusha 3, but that they were hoping that he would lend his voice talents for the French version.

As for changes to the gameplay, the development team has tweaked the controls so the characters in Onimusha 3 will respond better to analog controls, but Inafune wouldn't elaborate on whether or not this meant that the game had adopted a Devil May Cry-style control scheme. He simply said that the controls have been changed to accommodate the new, fully 3D environments. Players will be able to use both characters throughout the course of the game, and in some cases players will be able to use both characters at the same time, but specific details weren't revealed. Both characters will have a variety of weapons at their disposal, though it's worth noting that Jacques will have modern weapons such as guns, as well as older melee weapons. Interestingly, Inafune said that the motorcycle scene with Jacques shown in the trailer might be a playable sequence.

On the subject of Onimusha Buraiden, Inafune confirmed that it will support four players and that its engine is based on the technology being used for Onimusha 3. The game will feature a story mode in which players can level up their characters by gaining experience. These characters can then be used in the four-player versus mode. Many of the environments in the game will be taken directly from the first two Onimusha games and will feature quite a bit of interactivity. Like in Capcom's Powerstone games, the camera will even pull back to give players a greater view of the area, providing them with greater freedom to move around. The gameplay mechanics basically resemble those from the Onimusha games, with characters being able to steal orbs from each other that can be used to power-up special moves.

Onimusha 3 is scheduled for release in Japan in March 2004 and in North American shortly thereafter. Onimusha Buraiden is slated for release in Japan in November and in North American before the end of the year.

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