New Details On Grandia II

We've received new information on the Sega Dreamcast role-playing title, Grandia II.


GameSpot News today received the latest information on Grandia II, Game Arts' role-playing game for the Sega Dreamcast.

The story takes place in a completely new and different world from the original Grandia. You will start off in Shurisen on the continent of Granacliff, which has a giant earthquake-like crack through its center. A thousand years earlier, there had been a war between the gods of good and evil. Evil won and took over the heavens.

Characters in the game include a young realist and monster hunter named Ryudo, a young priestess from a Granas church named Elena, and another character named Millenia. Details are sketchy, but the game will let the player have up to four members in your party and the battle system will be similar to the first, with graphical improvements to magical effects.

The development crew for Grandia II includes Noriyuki Iwadare (Lunar series and Grandia), who will return as music composer, and manga artist Yuushi Kanoe (whose previous work includes Early Reins by Atlus) as character designer.

Grandia II is expected for a summer release in Japan.

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