New Details On EA's College Football Game Revealed, Including Release Window

The new game, EA's first since 2013, is scheduled for Summer 2024.


EA Sports' new college football game is now targeting a release date in Summer 2024. EA Sports VP Daryl Holt told ESPN that this date aligns with the studio's expectations for development.

"That's the best date for us to bring the game that we think is going to meet or exceed our player expectations," Holt said. "And cover the breadth and scale of what we want in the game. We're trying to build a very immersive college football experience."

EA Sports never previously announced or indicated a release date for the new college football game, at least not publicly, though a July 2023 release window was rumored. While Summer 2024 might be later than fans might have hoped for, the studio now has a date it's tracking to.

Part of what is seemingly causing issues behind the scenes is the advent of NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) deals for college athletes that are now commonplace across the United States. EA originally announced the return of its college football series in February 2021 before NIL was a big thing.

"If you look back on where we were talking in 2021, that road was blocked," Holt said. "I think I even said something to the fact that we were passengers on this journey, just like anyone else. Well, the road's open now, but it's still under construction."

A source told ESPN that players featured in EA's new college football game will be compensated.

In addition to player likenesses, EA Sports is working with the Collegiate Licensing Company to acquire rights to schools, uniforms, and stadiums--the intent is to have at least 120 schools in the game.

There are 131 FBS schools, and Holt said a "host" of them are already committed. However, a list of teams approved so far is not available. The rights to all 10 FBS conferences have been secured, the report said, along with rights to the College Football Playoff.

Additionally, the report said the new college football game will feature a Dynasty mode where players can manage a school for multiple seasons and bring a player through their career in the college game.

EA hasn't released a college football game since NCAA Football 14 in 2013. The publisher originally ended the series due to lawsuits and other legal issues involving the NCAA.

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