New Details on and Screens of F1 WGP II

GameSpot brings you the latest on Video Systems' F1 World Grand Prix II for the Dreamcast.


Video Systems has released new information on and screens of its upcoming Dreamcast sequel, Formula 1 World Grand Prix II on the company's web site. The sequel will feature enhanced graphical and gameplay elements. Graphically, the F1 cars will now show visual damage, and new spark effects will also be implemented. To add to the authenticity, the game will once again feature actual tracks and racers, this time from the 1999 F1 circuit. Video Systems has even implemented actual engine sounds into the game.

Modes of play include single race, two-player race, broadcast (demo mode), tutorial, and gallery. Other gameplay features include a comprehensive championship mode, where players can switch teams and customize their racers.

F1 World Grand Prix II for the Dreamcast will be released in Japan on July 27. The game's US and European release dates have not been confirmed yet.

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