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New details: James Bond in Agent Under Fire

Read about the improvements to the latest James Bond game for the Xbox and GameCube.


At its semiannual Gamers' Day, Electronic Arts showed the GameCube and Xbox versions of James Bond in Agent Under Fire for the first time. The single-player modes included in the Xbox and GameCube iterations of Agent Under Fire are identical to the single-player mode found in the PlayStation 2 version. The graphics for both the Xbox and GameCube versions are a bit crisper and the texture clarity has been improved, but the structure of the game has remained untouched. The only major additions to the gameplay are in the multiplayer modes. Players will now have the ability to add bots to the multiplayer modes to ensure that four characters are playing at all times. However, players will not be able to add bots if four humans are already playing. Players will also be able to set the bots to three different levels of aggression.

Both the Xbox and GameCube versions of James Bond in Agent Under Fire will be released at the end of March. We'll have more information on both games when we receive playable builds.

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