New details: Ghostmaster

Empire Interactive unveils its unique strategy-action game for the Sony PlayStation 2.


Empire Interactive has released further details on its Sony PlayStation 2 strategy-based action game Ghostmaster. As the title suggests, in the game, players assume the role of a ghostmaster in the fictional town of Gravenville, N.H. Throughout the course of the game, players will move through a variety of locations, including spooky mansions, haunted fraternity houses, amusement parks, and campgrounds, to encounter, frighten, and manipulate dozens of helpless humans in order to solve the game's mysteries. By solving these puzzles, players can learn new spells and master the skills to use them.

"Ghostmaster combines a wonderful high concept with some groundbreaking technology," said David Pringle, development director at Empire Interactive. "The volumetric effects and full 'radiosity' lighting model lift this game into the paranormal."

Ghostmaster will include 16 interactive 3D environments, more than 100 spells to learn, 100 human NPCs and more than 50 ghosts, and an interactive soundtrack that adapts to the player's actions. The game will be released worldwide sometime in 2002. Rendered characters and concept art from the game are shown above.

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