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New Destiny 2 Witch Queen Trailer Shows The First Mission In The Hunt For Savathun

A new look at the upcoming Witch Queen expansion for Destiny 2 at the 2021 Game Awards reveals a few new details and a look at how its story campaign will start.


Hot on the heels of the release of Bungie's 30th Anniversary celebration DLC, Destiny 2 has a new trailer for its upcoming expansion, The Witch Queen. The trailer, which premiered at the 2021 Game Awards, gives a new look at expansion's campaign, while playing into the new content's themes of mystery and detective work as players pursue the Hive god of deception, Savathun.

The trailer mixes new gameplay from the expansion with a live-action scene in which one of Destiny 2's Guardians, the heroes embodied by players, debriefs the leadership of the Vanguard. It didn't provide too many new details, but according to Game Awards creator Geoff Keighley, everything shown within it is pulled from the first mission of the campaign. In it, Guardians encountered the new threat central to the expansion: alien enemies who can wield the Light, the energy source that makes players immortal and gives them ridiculous powers within the game. We can also see some of the new gear we'll be wielding in the expansion, including the Glaive, Destiny 2's first melee weapon wielded from a first-person perspective.

It also looks like you'll be fighting Savathun herself before long in the story, although given the villain's penchant for deception, there's likely a whole lot more going on in that scene than we're aware of so far. Other tidbits include the fact that one of the speaking characters in the scene is Eris Morn, who is a big figure in Destiny 2 when it comes to the Hive, but who hasn't been present in the game much of late.

The Guardian giving the debrief also mentions that her team landed on Mars, but that planet was removed from the game with the release of the Beyond Light expansion this year. Within Destiny 2's story, the planet has seemingly vanished but is apparently being cloaked by the powerful force known as the Darkness, so this might be a hint that the planet might return--and that players might revisit at least a part of it. Then again, in the debrief, Mars is described as "wrong" and seeming "like a dream," so maybe that's not Mars after all.

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