New Destiny 2 Weapon Now Available During Faction Rally's Victory Week

Here's the new weapon you can buy this week.


Destiny 2's first Season 2 Faction Rally has wrapped up, and we have a winner. New Monarchy has again emerged victorious, and that means its unique reward is now available for sale as part of Victory Week, which is underway on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

As with previous events, this means the Tower is now adorned with New Monarchy decorations to celebrate the win. The victor is determined based on the Faction that collectively earned the most rewards packages during the Faction Rally event. With New Monarchy coming out on top, it's the only one of the three Factions that is now selling its Winner's Offering: a Legendary auto rifle named Loquitor IV. Anyone can purchase it for 50,000 Glimmer, but those who pledged loyalty to New Monarchy during the event can do so for a mere 1,000 Glimmer.

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Although you can no longer earn Faction Tokens, you can still cash in any you've earned with your Faction vendor to earn rewards. However, you should be aware that the new Faction weapons can't be earned through these reward Engrams. In what became another apology from Bungie, the studio confirmed after the event started that none of the newly added Faction weapons could be obtained yet. The first of these is now for sale from New Monarchy. From here, new Faction weapons will be introduced through Engrams and Winner's Offerings in the two Faction Rallies still to come during Season 2.

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Victory Week--and the ability to buy Loquitor IV or cash in Faction Tokens--runs from now until the weekly reset on January 30. On that day, we'll also see the first of many of the updates on the way for the game, including the release of Masterwork armor.

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