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New Destiny 2 Update Previewed With Patch Notes Ahead Of Its Release

A look at what's next for Destiny 2 players.


Another update is on the way for Destiny 2, and it's slated to arrive next week. A specific release date has not been announced yet, but Bungie has provided an early look at the patch notes to provide players with some idea of what to expect.

Update 1.0.6 will resolve the problems with the Bureaucratic Walk emote, which allowed players to glitch into areas they were not meant to reach. This issue was serious enough that the emote was pulled from sale and Trials was canceled for two weeks. The update also provides a fix for players who found themselves alone more often than intended. Specifically, Bungie says it has addressed an issue where players would "encounter empty public spaces too often in free roam."

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The remainder of the patch notes deal with Crucible. The mercy rule has been expanded and can now be activated with a wider range of scores. In Clash, the score limit has been reduced to 50 (from 75), while Control's has been reduced to 90 (from 100). Additionally, zones held by the enemy in Control will have less of an impact on spawning.

You can get a full look at the patch notes Bungie provided below; there will be more included than just this in the full update. Right now, the developer only says that it will release "early next week." There's no word if this will be accompanied by server downtime, but that seems likely. Bungie has also outlined what's next for Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Update 1.0.6 Patch Notes Preview


  • Fixed an issue with collision detection on the Bureaucratic Walk emote
  • Fixed an issue causing players to encounter empty public spaces too often in free roam


Updated Mercy Rule settings to allow Mercy to activate slightly later in the match, allowing a wider range of scores to trigger it.

  • Clash
    • Reduced score limit to 50 (was 75)
  • Control
    • Reduced score limit to 90 (was 100)
    • Reduced influence that enemy-controlled zones exert over the spawning system
  • Survival
    • Reduced round time limit to 2 minutes (down from 3)
    • Reduced life count to 6 (down from 8)
    • Supremacy
    • Increased score-to-win to 70 (up from 50)
    • We now grant one point for defeating an enemy Guardian
    • Adjusted the influence that enemy crests have on the spawning system

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