New Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Trailer Is Locked And Loaded With Exotic Weapons And Armor

If you've ever wanted a grenade launcher that shoots explosive worms, we have some good news for you.


Destiny 2's upcoming Witch Queen expansion may task Guardians with the goal of reclaiming the source of their power from an ancient Hive god, but for a number of players, that'll likely be a secondary goal when compared to the hunt for some epic loot. Destiny 2's selection of Exotic weapons make for some of the best firepower around, and the latest expansion will have plenty of new gear to add to your arsenal.

The latest trailer has shown off some wild new guns and armor, which range from a weapon that can hurl explosive worms at enemies to a new Exotic Hunter helmet that will make the class an even deadlier menace in PvP modes:

  • Grand Overture - Slug launcher charges full auto missiles
  • Parasite - Worm launcher with increasing damage
  • Osteo Striga - Swarming projectiles trigger a toxic blast
  • Titan Glaive: Edge of Action - Place protective shield
  • Warlock Glaive: Edge of Intent - Deploy healing turret
  • Hunter Glaive: Edge of Concurrence - Tracking chain lightning
  • Hoarfrost-Z Chest - Stasis Wall replaces Barricade
  • Osmiomancy Gloves - Additional Coldsnap with enhanced seeking
  • Blight Ranger Helmet - Reflected projectiles deal increased damage

It has been a big week for Destiny 2 developer Bungie, as yesterday saw the announcement that Sony was planning to acquire the studio for $3.6 billion. While this isn't the first time that Bungie has been up for sale, it's a noticeable acquisition that shows just how serious Sony is with its digital strategy of investing in live-service games, a field that Bungie has become an expert in with Destiny.

In other Destiny news, you can expect the return of two terrific weapons in the new season of Nightfall Strikes, while the game's overall grind is also being fine-tuned to deliver a more rewarding experience.

For more on Destiny 2 and everything else that's about to be released over the next couple of weeks, you can check out our feature on the biggest games launching in February 2022.

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