New Destiny 2 PvP Map Revealed, See It Here Right Now

Distant Shore is on the horizon.


A new Destiny 2 PvP map is being added tomorrow, Bungie has announced. The new map "Distant Shore" will be available from October 10, timed with the start of Destiny 2's first Iron Banner, though it apparently won't be playable in all playlists until a week later.

Distant Shores will start to show up for everyone when Iron Banner ends, Bungie said. Iron Banner runs October 10-17, so players can expect to start seeing Distant Shore in the general multiplayer hopper on or around October 17, it seems.

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Many are pointing out that Distant Shores looks like the Destiny 1 map Shores of Time. That was a pretty good map, so if this is indeed some kind of remake, we won't complain. It is not uncommon for games--from Bungie and other developers--to update popular maps from older games for their sequels. Just last week, Activision announced that Call of Duty: WWII is adding a classic map from the first Call of Duty, updated with new graphics and more.

In other Destiny 2 news, Bungie has announced that the Prestige difficulty for the Leviathan raid has been delayed after the studio discovered a serious bug. Check out GameSpot's further coverage here to learn more about the delay.

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