New demo: Patrician II

Strategy First releases a new playable demo for its upcoming trading strategy game.


Patrician II: Quest for Power

Strategy First has released a new playable demo for its latest real-time strategy game, Patrician II: Quest for Power. The 40MB demo lets players play though a portion of the game. In Patrician II, players assume the role of a novice trader in 14th-century Europe, and they must try to build their wealth and reputation by making a profit and completing a series of missions. In addition to ordinary business deals, players can use bribery and piracy to gain the upper hand. The game includes more than 20 tradable commodities, ranging from common goods like salt to more exotic goods such as wine and pottery.

Patrician II is scheduled for release next month. To learn more about the game, download the new playable demo linked below, and take a look at our previous coverage of the game.

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