New Delta Force game unveiled

NovaLogic announces Delta Force: Task Force Dagger, the fourth game in its tactical action game series. New screens inside.


Delta Force: Task Force Dagger

NovaLogic has announced Delta Force: Task Force Dagger, the next game in its popular Delta Force tactical action game series. The fourth game in the series will use an updated version of the Land Warrior game engine, and it will feature new characters, weapons, and levels. Players will also be able to play as one of 10 special operations forces, including Delta Force, Marines Force Recon, SEAL, and British SAS. Delta Force: Task Force Dagger is in development at Seattle-based Zombie Studios, the developer that created Ripcord's Spec Ops tactical action game series.

"Zombie is designing and developing a Delta Force game based on actual targets and objectives real-life operations would encounter, from raids on airfields to the battle for a major city," said Mark Long, CEO of Zombie.

We've posted some screenshots in the gallery above that show off some of the characters, weapons, and environments that players will encounter in the game. Delta Force: Task Force Dagger is scheduled for release in May. We'll post more information about the game as it becomes available.

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