New Death Stranding Trailer Is Very Weird, Features Hannibal Actor Mads Mikkelsen

Mikkelsen joins The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus in Hideo Kojima's next game.

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Now Playing: Death Stranding - The Game Awards 2016 Trailer

A new trailer for Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding was shown at The Game Awards 2016 and, expectedly, it was quite weird. It featured a in-game version of what looked like film director Guillermo Del Toro carrying a baby in an incubation chamber while hiding from the military.

At one point the camera panned down to show another baby drifting in a stream of water. It begins glowing red and the camera focuses in on another glowing red figure in the distance. Soldiers emerge with the black, oil-like liquid seen in the debut Death Stranding trailer coming from their eyes. The leader of the unit is revealed to be Mads Mikkelsen, star of Hannibal.

Mikkelsen's character seems to be the antagonist and is shown to have unique abilities as he removes his helmet by making it dissolve, as if burning away. He also has tentacle like appendages that connect to the soldiers surrounding him. These detach when he sends them out on a hunt.

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The end of the trailer reveals that Mikkelsen joins The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus as one of the celebrity stars of the game. The new trailer confirms earlier speculation that Mikkelsen would be featured in the game.

Death Stranding was announced at E3 2016 during Sony's briefing. The game is a console exclusive for PS4, but will also come to PC. The game remains very mysterious and we have lots of questions. Don't expect the game to come out soon, however, as Kojima says it's still early days.

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Avatar image for Johny_47

Looks incredible, can't wait to see what this is all about and to see what it plays like. Hideo Kojima's brilliant on his own, with Guillermo Del Toro, I think it'll be a wonder.

Avatar image for ishsgames

These teasers feel more like a tech demo then a trailer. Wouldn't be surprised if some of these things have nothing to do with the game. But who knows......we really need to hear word from Kojima......ssssan.....(5 seconds later).....desu 

Avatar image for VampireLord123

The only thing i can think about the game is how Japanese have that weird fetish about tentacles for some reson xD. Besides that, there is not much that the teaser shows about the game. I imagine there is some kind of war between the the guys with the back stuff and probably normal humans.

Avatar image for jkittleson

This shows nothing and we won't see anything until late 2018 then the release around 2019 - early 2020

Avatar image for ember_to_flame

getting some oldschool vibes mixed with some 3rd birthday style, I Think I've been waiting on this without knowing it, I will most likely love this game even if the World would turn out to hate it.

Avatar image for GT_APE

Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen. Sign me the **** up for a preorder.

Avatar image for GT_APE

Wow. Totally enthralled by that video. What an awesome imagination he Kojima-san has. Hope this is as amazing as it looks so far. And hope it comes to PC!

Avatar image for CptJohnnyRico

hollywood ruining games too now

Avatar image for doublem-k

Looks okay. Great to see Mads Mikkelsen in a game

Avatar image for draco934

Or so the Germans would have us believe.....

Avatar image for Sindroid

" Kojima" and "Wierd"is synonymous with each other..

Avatar image for lionheartssj1

wtf did I just watch?

Avatar image for toffifee

He knows how to make trailers. :D

Avatar image for dlaney34

What the hell did I just watch?

Avatar image for Gohan921

Avatar image for Xristophoros

del torro has no business being in this game... i mean, he just comes across as odd, goofy and immersion breaking imo. mikkelson on the other hand feels right for a creepy villain role.

damn, what a strange trailer... in all the right ways. just 2.5 more years to go!

Avatar image for putaspongeon

@Xristophoros: I think he's only in the trailer and isn't a character (del toro), like this is just a clever way of saying he's involved.

Avatar image for zombie22

@Xristophoros: are you high or drunk

Avatar image for nl_skipper

Well it looks like he's taking all the weirdness of MGS, blending it up into a concentrated solution, and calling it Death Stranding! I donno what to think of this so far... very intriguing at least, I've no idea if I'll even like the craziness that this game gives off, but it IS nice to see a trailer/teaser that just makes you curious and want to know more, instead of dishing out major plot points and the like!

Avatar image for SilentAssassin

Konami can keep the rights to Metal Gear.. we have Death Stranding now!!!!!! Hell yeah!!!!!!!

Avatar image for deactivated-5c56012aaa167

you people shouldn't get excited for Kojima games from trailers.just compare E3 2003 trailer of MGS3 with the actual game.

Avatar image for nl_skipper

@dorog1995: MGS3 is one of the best games of all time though... so it's not really an issue if it didn't live up to peoples expectations based on a trailer!

I do think in general people should contain their hype based on a simple teaser trailer though! There's nothing to get hyped about here... it's intriguing, but I think it's best left at that level of excitement for a loooong time yet. Good luck getting people to agree on that though lol, hype is unstoppable it seems.

Avatar image for SilentAssassin

@nl_skipper: Metal Gear Solid 3 was an amazing game!!! All the Metal Gear games were...!!!

Avatar image for MuffintopX

@dorog1995: Yes, let's reference a 13 year old trailer and draw our conclusions from that. If you played MGS4 or MGS5, please disregard those experiences.

Avatar image for deactivated-5c56012aaa167

@MuffintopX: because his games play differently in trailers.(MGS 3 in E3 looked like a great semi open world stealth game but in the end it turned into a linear game in corridor jungle and an awful camouflage system)

that trailer was a example of my point. Kojima always lies in trailers to hype people for his games.

Avatar image for putaspongeon

@dorog1995: MGS3 is one of the best games of all time -w-

Avatar image for deactivated-5c56012aaa167

@putaspongeon: imo it's the most overrated MGS game.

Avatar image for MuffintopX

@dorog1995: I don't disagree. But in this instance, there is no gameplay being shown, and no conclusions to be drawn from what type of game we are going to get. It's a cinematic hype builder, not necessary a lie spewing machine.

Every trailer is designed to sell the hype, that is the point of having one, especially this early. I don't think Kojima's trailers are unique in overstating the product or withholding just enough to let your imagination fill in all the gaps you wish were there, most marketing teams tend to portray their games that way.

Avatar image for nickpeck36

Is there a browser add on that can hide title / words "death stranding" by chance? I can't stand that name... at all lol.

Avatar image for BladeManEXE

You know, on it's own merits it's a good trailer/teaser. Great even. It's weird and creepy and draws the viewer in to wonder what, exactly, is going on.

But as a game trailer? It fails on the level of even providing an idea (let alone a clear idea) of what the gameplay is. Just looking at this, I can't even be sure who the player character(s?) is(are?). Am I going to be the business man with the baby running and hiding in a stealth horror game? Am I going to be the soldier guy commanding undead troops in a strategy game, or on the front lines in a shooter? It's just not at all clear in that department. And for games, that is the department.

Avatar image for zombie22

@BladeManEXE: he said Norman reedus is the main character

Avatar image for nl_skipper

@BladeManEXE: Pretty sure this is still just a teaser though, so I wouldn't expect to know any of that information yet. The way some people are talking you'd think this game was coming out in a few months or a year... but Kojima only created his new studio a few months ago didn't he...? The game is still probably 2-3 years away at best, just give it time!

Avatar image for BladeManEXE

@nl_skipper: My problem is that a game teaser should have some kind of clear indication of what the gameplay will be like. Something this trailer lacks. If it's that early into the development cycle, I would think they should be working on getting a version of the game running before putting out a trailer.

Avatar image for strrckshn


This is all we're getting from Kojima.

DEATH STRANDING theme’s about the strand that humans will lose in near future. Story,world,character,gameplay,all connected to the theme

Avatar image for deactivated-584608341d412

In the words of Shania Twain; That don't impress me much.

Avatar image for GunEye

Great - just what we need - more Hollywood Actors.

/ sarcasm.

I am looking at you Kiether Silentland with zero personality.

Plus, if MGSVTPP told us anything is that you should never ever trust Hideo Kojima's trailer and that the trailer is better than the actual story. HK apparnet puts more effort o trailer appeal than in writing and designing a coherent interesting and intelligent story.

Avatar image for cyboricarus

@GunEye: mads and norman are great actors,there is nothing wrong with casting them.

Avatar image for yukushi

This is why I am a kojima fan he always comes with these weird games that is a bit of fresh air from playing the same things every day.

Avatar image for Lunastra78

Weird is good. This console gen has been too conventional thus far.

Avatar image for registeredpunk

A hideo kojima game by hideo kojima, staring Hideo kojima, directed by Hideo kojima. Hideo kojima been Hideo kojima once again, with a story that is so Hideo kojima in the most Hideo kojima game yet. It does not get more Hideo kojima than this, the game is actually called just "Hideo kojima" but people think is called some death stranding. So get ready for more Hideo kojima by Hideo kojima. In this game Hideo kojima clones himself and starts dating himself because he is Hideo kojima after all. So enjoy more Hideo kojima by Hideo kojima in the upcoming Hideo kojima game by Hideo kojima.

Avatar image for Stoopid_Cow

@registeredpunk: Rated kojima for Hideo.

Avatar image for GunEye

@registeredpunk: you forgot: A Hideo Kojima Game, Directed by Hideo Kojima, Written by Hideo Kojima, Imagined by Hideo Kojima, Preached by Hideo Kojima, Governed by Hideo Kojima, Beloved by Hideo Kojima.

Avatar image for ojmstr

@registeredpunk: Hahaha

Avatar image for Zenopants

@registeredpunk: Needs more Batman.

Avatar image for DefunktJunk

@Zenopants: I have a fever, and the only cure is more batman!