New Dead By Daylight DLC That Adds Killer Doctor Available Now

The DLC also adds a new map and survivor.


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A new DLC chapter has been released for Dead by Daylight, the multiplayer survival horror game for PC.

Titled Spark of Madness, the expansion introduces a new killer known as the Doctor, a former medical researcher at a secret government black site who used twisted experiments to interrogate detainees. The Doctor utilizes electroshock therapy to attack other players and emits a static field that affects their sanity. The Doctor can also use his electrical attacks to damage generators. The setting for the chapter is a maze-like medical facility called Lery's Memorial Institute.

The Spark of Madness expansion also adds a new survivor named Feng Min. A former e-sports professional, Feng Min can repair generators faster than other characters, and her acute senses can reveal a killer's location.

Dead by Daylight is currently only available on PC, though a PS4 and Xbox One release is on the way this June. The game pits one player in the role of a killer against four others who must outlast and escape the killer's attacks. We gave Dead by Daylight a 6/10 in our review. The Spark of Madness DLC is available now and is priced at $7.

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This plus the patch recently that fixed a lot of bugs was super nice.