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New DDR game aimed at fighting obesity

Konami teams with UnitedHealthcare for DDR Classroom Edition that allows teachers to track students' health progress.


Konami and UnitedHealthcare today announced a joint initiative aimed at reducing childhood obesity through a new version of DanceDanceRevolution called the Classroom Edition.

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The game and its associated hardware was developed by Performance Designed Products and allows up to 48 students to simultaneously participate in a dance session by using mat controllers. These mats are outfitted with a "smart card reader" that tracks an individual student's progress.

Teachers will receive information about students' health including number of steps taken during a particular song, body mass index, and caloric burn rate. A song list for the DDR Classroom Edition was not announced, and a Konami representative was not immediately available to comment.

DDR Classroom Edition has been launched in three schools already, including those in Longwood, Florida; Gainesville, Georgia; and Fresno, Texas. The game will also be folded into the "Activate for Kids" school wellness program, which is run by UnitedHealthcare and the United Health Foundation throughout Florida, Georgia, and Texas.

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