New Daily Adventure Incense Item Is Coming To Pokemon Go

The new Daily Adventure Incense will help players catch Pokemon not typically seen in the wild.


Today, Pokemon Go developer Niantic announced it is adding a new type of incense item to the game that will help players (or trainers to use Niantic's term) find and catch Pokemon that do not typically appear in the wild.

The Daily Adventure Incense is a special type of incense you will be able to use once a day. It lasts 15 minutes and will generate Pokemon not normally see in your location. It will be especially helpful for players in rural areas where Pokemon populations are not as dense. It's not currently clear if the Pokemon it attracts will be rarer than using the standard Incense.

The new item will be rolling out to players this week.
The new item will be rolling out to players this week.

There are some qualifiers for the Daily Adventure Incense. Special Research will appear that you must complete in order to start using it. The Special Research will function as a tutorial and will also reward XP. You won't be able to use the standard Incense while the Daily Adventure Incense is active, nor can you use the Daily Adventure Incense if you're already using the other Incense.

The Daily Adventure Incense will appear in your bag as an inventory item, but will not count toward the total number of items you're carrying. After activating the Daily Adventure Incense, it will disappear from your bag until the next day. After the Daily Adventure Incense has expired, you will get a recap image showing all the Pokemon caught during the time it was active.

In an effort to get encourage the use of the new Daily Adventure Incense, players will received Poke Balls if their cache is low. If you have 30 or fewer Poke Balls, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls, you will automatically receive 30 standard Poke Balls when you activate the Daily Adventure Incense.

Daily Adventure Incense will be rolling out to players over the course of this week. For more on Pokemon Go, you can read our recent interview with Niantic where the developer responded to players' concerns about Incense and the rollback of various features added to the game during the height of the pandemic.

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