New CSI game in the works

Ubi Soft confirms that the same team that created the last game based on the hit TV series is working on a new project.


Ubi Soft has confirmed early reports of a new CSI game. Ubi Soft executive producer Tony Van commented on the success of the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation PC adventure game that shipped in March, and said that production has begun on a new game.

"We're working with all the people that helped make the first game so good, including 369 Interactive (the developer), Max Allan Collins (story consultant, dialogue writer, and author of three CSI novels), Daniel Holstein (technical advisor and Las Vegas Metro senior crime-scene analyst), and the production staff of the CSI TV show," Van said. "And of course, we plan for all eight actors to voice their roles again."

No specific details have been released on the game's features, and Ubi Soft hasn't specified which platforms the game will ship for.

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