New Counter-Strike update locked-'n'-loaded

Latest patch from Valve will be available on Steam tomorrow morning.



Tomorrow morning, Valve will release a Counter-Strike and Game Engine update via its online delivery service, Steam. The update was originally scheduled for tonight, but was postponed for unrevealed reasons. The patch will contain the following fixes and tweaks:


  • Fixed bug where shield would be invisible if a player picked the shield up immediately after throwing a grenade.
  • The round timer is now disabled when the bomb is planted.
  • The winning defensive team now gets the same amount of money whether they win by round timeout or not ($3250 instead of $2000)
  • Players on the offensive team who survive the round due to a round timeout no longer receive money the next round.
  • The Terrorists get an additional $800 per player if they plant the bomb but lose the round.
  • Fixed exploit where when a player died they could sometimes join the other team during the same round.
  • Fixed custom decals not being downloaded from the server correctly.
  • Fixed custom decals drawing incorrectly for the host of a listen server after another player joins.
  • Fixed vgui textures being corrupted after going over a number of level changes.
  • Fixed problem where player would be sometimes be forced to look straight up after task switching in and out of game in fullscreen d3d mode.
  • Fixed problem in sound system where it wouldn't properly be shutdown at the end of a .wav file.
  • Fixed banner picture not working correctly in HLTV.


  • Changed the way that Asian fonts are displayed in game for compatibility on more platforms.
  • Optimized VGUI to use less system resources when running on the desktop.


  • Fixed error message that was cut off when a player was disconnected from a game server.

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