New Cossacks Screens

CDV Software sends us a build of its real-time strategy game and we've got new screenshots.


We received a build of CDV Software's upcoming real-time strategy game European Wars: Cossacks and took some screenshots while we familiarized ourselves with the game. Cossacks is based in 17th-century Europe, and it features 16 playable nations and a wide variety of historical scenarios. The developer claims the game engine can support up to 8000 units at once, and while we didn't manage to push the numbers up quite that high, the effect of seeing hundreds of individual units battling onscreen at once was impressive. The game minimizes micromanagement to let players focus on broad global objectives such as conquest, economic development, and technology research. We'll have a full preview of the game next week.

For more information about European Wars: Cossacks, take a look at our previous articles and try the playable demo. European Wars: Cossacks is scheduled for release in March of 2001.

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