New Control Update Tweaks Evading Invincibility Frames, Full Patch Notes Revealed

Not that Control was easy to begin with, but the new update adjusts at least one side mission's difficulty.


Developer Remedy Entertainment has released a small update for Control on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One that makes one vital quality-of-life improvement. We've compiled the full patch notes below.

Previously, protagonist Jesse Faden lacked invincibility when evading. This made dodging seem negligible in the face of heated combat, but Remedy has rectified this problem with Control's latest update. The studio has fixed that issue, giving Jesse back those all-important iFrames so that she remains invulnerable while dodging.

Elsewhere, the patch tweaks the difficulty of the side mission "Jesse Faden Starring in Swift Platform" so that it's easier to complete, addresses an issue where Marshall may disappear during The Foundation DLC's final boss, fixes a problem where the Golden Cube in the Astral Toilet does not respawn if Jesse throws it away, and more.

Control's first DLC expansion, The Foundation, is now available on PC and PlayStation 4. It is currently scheduled to hit Xbox One on June 25. In our review of The Foundation DLC, we said, "As with the combat, The Foundation is not necessarily a massive shake-up of what works well in Control, but it is a meaningful next chapter that continues to push the game and its story forward."

Full Control Update Version 1.10 Patch Notes


  • Fixed the issue where the Golden Cube in the Astral Toilet is not respawned right away if Jesse throws it away.
  • Fixed the issue where Marshall may disappear during the final boss fight in The Foundation.
  • Fixed the issue where Hiss Barriers keep Jesse trapped inside the Pillar room in the Upper Warehouse.
  • Fixed the issue where the Hotline message from Marshall "The Foundation" collectible is not collected if the player moves past it fast enough.
  • Fixed the issue where Jesse was not invincible while Evading. You get those iFrames back! Please use responsibly.
  • Tweaked the difficulty of the Jesse Faden Starring in Swift Platform side mission to make it easier.

User Interface

  • Fixed the issue where the Astral Constructs menu has the wrong text for the Infinite tier weapon and personal mods.


  • Various localization fixes.

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