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[UPDATE] Two cooperative maps downloadable over Xbox Live for newest Splinter Cell game, but reports say they're unplayable.


Ubisoft has announced that two new multiplayer maps are available for download over Xbox Live for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. The two maps pick up where the cooperative maps left off, with the dangerous Colonel Kim on the lam.

The new content concludes the storyline from the cooperative campaign, and both missions are playable in either mission of elite mode. Gamers can play the maps over Xbox Live, LAN, or in split-screen.

The first mission, on the map Nuclear Plant, sees Sam Fisher wannabes infiltrating a power plant in North Korea. By sneaking past guards and hacking computers, the agents find that a high-ranking Korean officer has been assisting Kim, who remains at large with one more devastating bomb in his possession.

The second map, UN Headquarters, follows gamers as they enter one of the most secure edifices in the world, New York's United Nations building. Because of the high security, any alarms triggered or spies sighted will result in a failed mission. Once agents manage to reach the security-control-room floor, they find that Kim and henchmen have taken over the area. As a result, they must scramble to defuse a bomb that threatens worldwide destruction.

[UPDATE] Reports are abound that the downloadable content as it stands is unplayable. The two maps aren't appearing on the level selection screen. One Ubisoft messageboard moderator has stated that Ubisoft is looking into the problem.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory is rated M for Mature and retails for $29.99. To get the scoop on the game, creep over to GameSpot's full review.

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