New Commandos strikes in April

Pyro Studios' series takes new direction, abandons strategy genre for first-person action and stealth.


Every commando knows that it's not just how one attacks, it's also a matter of when one attacks. The next edition of the Commandos series was once scheduled for release in 2005, but it never reached the retail battlefield. Apparently, Eidos Interactive has now figured out its plan of attack--the company announced that Commandos Strike Force will engage store's shelves on April 4.

The game is being developed by long-time Commandos developer Pyro Studios, based in Madrid, Spain, and will be released on the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC.

Unlike its strategy-based predecessors, Strike Force will adopt a first-person perspective and blend action with stealth elements. Set in Europe during World War II, the game is a series of linked missions taking place in Norway, France, and Russia. Gamers will play as a green beret, a sniper, and a spy, each having their own methods of accomplishing their objectives.

Commandos Strike Force is rated T for Teen and will retail for $39.99 on consoles, and $29.99 on the PC. For more details on the game, read GameSpot's previous coverage.

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